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Nick’s Pest has been a trusted leader in professional ant control and spider removal.

When you need professional mouse or roach control, it’s time to call us.

Why call other companies when Nick’s Pest can help? We affordably get rid of termites.

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You do your best to keep your home clean and your property safe. At the same time, you’re fighting a battle with animal and insect intrusions that pose many health and safety hazards. Cockroaches, probably the most despicable of all the common residential invaders, carry disease and allergens. Ticks, fleas, bedbugs and mosquitoes transmit potentially dangerous infections to both people and pets. Termites chew up wooden structures inside your residence to cause significant damage, while silverfish and moths destroy your clothing, books and other possessions. Spiders, wasps, hornets, bees and scorpions can be potentially life threatening with the venom in their bites or stings. Finally, wildlife such as raccoons, possums, bats and birds can wreak havoc and carry disease. Thankfully, you don’t have to battle these creatures alone. Like many other clients in the Western Kentucky area, turn to Nick’s Pest for a reliable exterminator.

Offering Extermination and More

Since 1973, we’ve provided professional pest management services to residential and commercial clients in Western Kentucky. For insect and other pest invasions, we’ll come to your location, conduct an inspection and perform extermination and other treatments. In addition, we’re also happy to recommend a regimen to keep these unwelcome guests away. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently keep your property free of pests.
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Rid and protect your home from pests. Pests always want to move in, we stop them cold by using the cleanest and most advanced treatments. Nick's technicians will professionally give you the quality you deserve at a price you can afford. Call our location near you today at 800-462-2368 for protection.

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