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Bed Bug Control in Western Kentucky

Bedbugs can certainly become unwelcome house guests. They invade by means of hiding in clothes, luggage, furniture, bedding, behind wallpaper, between beds and in baseboard cracks and crevices. Did you know that they can even live in electrical outlets? They can be difficult to kill because they can lay over 100 eggs over their lifespans and are even able to survive up to a year without feeding. Those characteristics are what make their removal so difficult, and because of those characteristics, they've got plenty of time to cause uncomfortable and horrible symptoms such as skin rashes, small brown spots on your linens and leaving their discarded exoskeletons in your clothes or bedding. That's why you need aggressive yet safe bedbug treatment extermination. Turn to Nick's Pest Management in Western Kentucky to get rid of these unpleasant parasites.
Bed Bud on Cloth — Pest Control in Madisonville, KY
Baby Bed Bug on Skin — Pest Control in Madisonville, KY

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